I bring unique offerings to my work as a leadership coach and as a result, people have the knowledge of,  and the courage to express, the leader within.

Joy Counselor- There are grief counselors, but joy can be just as difficult an emotion to understand and navigate. Learning to be truly present and appreciate joy without anxiety and sabotage can enhance your leadership capacity.

Dream Nurturer – Leadership is about fulfilling and achieving big dreams and goals. In working with me, you will come to honor your dreams and remove the roadblocks to reaching them.

Horse Advocate- Horses have taught me more about living and leading than I could have imagined.  I work with horses in my leadership courses and I am passionate about their care and well-being.

My Story

In 2002 when I entered a graduate program in Organizational Leadership & Ethics, I had no idea where it would lead me or how profoundly it would change my life.   Over two years, I learned that leadership is often misunderstood, hard to practice, not about command and control, and includes a wide range of skills that anyone can learn and use to positively impact their own lives and the lives of others.  I learned that true leadership requires skills that many in businesses, governments and communities have actively avoided or ignored. And, I became quite certain that to meet the challenges of today’s world in these arenas, that heart, spirit, and connectedness must be brought back into the art of practicing leadership.

Another event after graduate school occurred when, by chance, I read a book that outlined the various ways that horses were being used to help people in therapeutic settings and personal development. Some of the concepts discussed in the book were so similar and aligned with my studies in leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) that I became very excited about the possibility of using horses in leadership development. Being deeply involved with horses my entire life, I felt destined to go in this direction.  So, I did.

After a year and half studying in the  Coaching and Facilitator Intensive program, which included learning how to incorporate working with horses in leadership development, I am blessed to now work in what is my “ideal” job.  The leadership development I practice has been called many things, Authentic Leadership or Transformational Leadership, but whatever you choose to call it, I know it makes a difference.  And best of all, it’s contagious!

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Ethics, St. Edward’s University

 Equine-Assisted Learning,  Coaching, and Facilitation Intensive Leadership Outfitters, Bozeman Montana

 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin








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