Leadership Coaching for Individuals

With an emphasis on self-awareness, appreciative inquiry, and authenticity, my coaching inspires the leadership skills increasingly required to successfully navigate a complex and rapidly evolving world. After I gain a thorough understanding of your  specific goals and desired focus, we work together to formulate a plan for success. I often find that wherever you begin, positive changes occur in both your work and personal life. By engaging in a coaching relationship with me you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity about your motivations, intentions, and impact on others
  • Uncover hidden assumptions and beliefs that prevent you from generating desired outcomes
  • Tap into what I call your “Inner Guidance System” to inform your decisions
  • Increase your capacity to engage in courageous conversations
  • Cultivate the courage to take mindful and inspired action
  • Experience greater fulfillment in your work and personal relationships

Leadership Coaching for Teams & Groups

Research shows that the highest functioning teams are highly emotionally intelligent and have exhibit high levels of trust. There is no doubt these skills can be developed collectively as teams undergo coaching and experiential learning together on an ongoing basis.

Coaching can rise to a whole different level when it takes place not only with a coach and facilitator, but also a group of supportive and committed individuals all meeting with the objective of learning from each other.  With group coaching, each person contributes to the learning process and provides insight, which enhances and accelerates  each others’ development and self-awareness.



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